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New concept of customized urban lighting to create new business card for urban nightscape culture

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Quality lighting with excelsior

Huaxia crystal sharp lighting technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd was founded in April 2010. Its core members are famous experts and excellent talents in the lighting industry both at home and abroad. The purpose and determination of the best products, service world and the best lighting brand in China are combined.

Chinese culture is the core of China's culture: the core of the master of international design; the advanced management system as the platform. The elaborate design, fine craft, precise light control, exquisite appearance, and the speech right of the best architecture and landscape in the evening.

If materials and structures are the two elements of architecture. Then, at night, lights and lamps are poetic, romantic, musical and rhythmic.

An amazing international accreditation team

Enterprise development

The concept of enterprise development

The night occupies half of the time process. Lighting affects economic, cultural and behavioral ways. It also changes life. Whether it is an industry or art, lighting is worth thinking, practicing and pushing. With more sophisticated lamps and lanterns, more accurate beams can be produced to create a more perfect light. Hua Xia crystal is the ideal creator and practitioner, and spare no effort to provide the perfect support for builders and builders of the environment.

product development

product development concept

Light is not only a part of the world, but also a part of life. It is also an integral part of the architecture and environment. It expresses ideas through the design of lighting and communicates with the public through the stage of architecture and landscape. In the process of construction, we need a stronger weather resistance, more convenient construction, better after-sale enterprises and products, so that China in the lighting industry can also be made from China to create for China.

The concept of China's sharp enterprise image

The core of the enterprise concept is
  • 1

    The maker of the light of quality

  • 2

    An advocate of the art of lighting

  • 3

    Cooperation platform of industry elite

  • 4

    Transformation platform of advanced technology

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